Picture2Throwback Thursday

Even though I try to be current and review books that have been released within the last few years, sometimes I remember a series I read a while ago, and I go, You know what? I don’t care, I still love this. Hopefully these posts will introduce some still wonderful books to a new generation of readers.

Picture4Middle-Grade Highlight

This feature serves as a challenge to me to read more Middle-Grade books. It’s a genre I feel many adult reviews neglect, and one that I need to be more knowledgeable of to better serve the kids at the library. Plus, though the intended audience may be young, good Middle-Grade can explore heavy topics with just as much finesse as novels meant for adults.

Picture3Graphic Novel Night

Again, this feature is another excuse for me to explore a medium I don’t read as much, and one that other librarians might not have suggestions for, either. These posts will review comics, manga, and actual graphic novels based on my personal enjoyment and their appropriateness for a young adult audience.

Picture5Reading Challenge 2017

These posts may crossover with other features, but this is mainly a way to track my progress in the Reading Challenge my coworkers and I are doing. Also, if you’re completing a similar challenge, or if you’re looking for suggestions that fall in to one of the categories, these posts may be useful to you.


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